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ConfidentG Secure Monitoring Governance for Chatter

Compliance and Governance For Chatter


Salesforce is the leading Cloud-based CRM platform. In its suite of tools, there  is an enterprise collaboration platform called Chatter, which allows users to collaborate on sales opportunities, projects, tasks, etc. Chatter has social functionality, allowing user to ‘follow’ other users, documents and other files and hence Chatter needs an archiving Compliance solution. Some of the archiving Compliance solutions require sending your workforce’s critical, sensitive communications to a third party data store. ConfidentG Secure monitoring governance for Chatter (Secure Chatter) captures Salesforce Chatter communications and stores them in your existing email archive. Once archived, Chatter communications can be retained and monitored for compliance and searched for eDiscovery and internal Information Governance.

Why ConfidentG Platform?

Confident Governance’s Secure Chatter™ enhances overall Governance of free Collaboration, enables Secure and trusted Communication between Employees in most Collaborative Cloud environment and manages Regulatory Compliance. It also prevents unacceptable content, files and links from creeping into Salesforce Chatter environments. Through it’s unique patent pending Policy-based Enforcement and Audit trail, Organizations can create Secure Policies to create Preventive and Detective Controls around Collaborative Communications within the Enterprise.


Businesses and Organizations can leverage Secure Chatter application to increase Secure collaboration among employees in offices and departments across the company. It is an effective means of distributing and broadcasting information to a global workforce without having to worry about Information Security.

Key Benefits

  • Create multiple unique levels of Secure Monitoring, Auditing and Archiving Data Retention Chatter Policies for Groups, Individuals and selected Targets
  • Preventive restricted Blocking of posts in Post Content, File Content, Link Url, File Type and File Extension makes Collaboration safer
  • Policy based Secure Monitoring allows specific Compliance and Security related keywords to be aggregated and used across the Policy domains for Control of Compliance and Proactive measures for Trustworthy Chatter
  • The Audit and Archive trail facilitates view of monitoring the keywords and tracking of all Posts present in Audit thus enabling e-discovery and Retention Compliance
  • Pre-Delivered Unique Business and Audit driven Compliance Dashboards and Reports