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Public Sector

Public Sector

Carahsoft: The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider, features Confident Governance as Cyber Security Risk and  Governance Solution Provider on it’s website Carahsoft.com. 


Enterprises around the globe, both in Public Sector and Private Sector, are implementing Cloud Computing to achieve efficiency and scalability, lessen maintenance costs, agile deployments, increased flexibility, security and control and so on. Confident Governance’s innovative Governance as a Service® platform enables these Organizations to strengthen Risk Management, Regulatory compliance, Policy and Framework Management while driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Confident Governance® shines in delivering Governance as a Service® ,  Agile Strategy and solid Execution for Risk management. Our vision focuses on Democratizing Governance processes quickly with full transparency and efficiency in Organizations of all sizes. The Governance as a Service enterprise platform® provides first-rate Internal Audit Management, Risk Management, Fraud Risk Assessment, Cyber Security and Compliance services that are competitive in robust functionalities such as Real time Collaboration and Dynamic Predictive Dashboarding.


Our GRC Product suite has been developed to help Government, Regulatory and state-owned organizations make their Risk and Compliance initiatives more effective and efficient. Built on world’s number 1 Cloud Computing platform Salesforce.com, the innovative platform enables Government, Regulatory and state-owned companies to:


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