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ConfidentG Agile Risk Management

Agile Risk Management


Many organizations across various industry verticals are now adopting an Integrated approach to risk management. This strategic approach enables stakeholders to effectively coordinate and centralize risk management activities across all business functions. Managing risk using an integrated approach provides better understanding of risk profiles that supports informed and risk-based decision-making. It also enables having meaningful insights on risk appetite, establishing key decision metrics and aligning Business strategy across all vital lines of business.

Why ConfidentG Platform?

ConfidentG Integrated Risk Management Solution provides a single, centralized system to identify, track, monitor and mitigate various types of risks, including strategic, cyber, digital, operational, IT, third-party and compliance risks. The award winning solution supports control testing as well as risk monitoring, mitigation, and reporting in real time and consistent format. ConfidentG Agile Risk module covers the entire Enterprise Risk universe. It enables Correlation and Visibility to quantify key Risk Indicators such as Risk Barometer, Probability view of Risk, Impact View and Velocity of Risk. These key Risk indicators help your Organization to effectively Govern against threats such as Cyber Security & Global Risk Portfolio across many Regulatory and Compliance domains.

The application enables establishing a consistent approach to risk management by leveraging uniform risk assessment methodologies, and risk and control frameworks such as COSO, COBIT, NIST, ISO and many more. Using the application, Businesses can systematically identify,  monitor  and mitigate a wide range of risks (e.g. strategic, financial, and legal risks). The results can be easily summarized into reports based on different parameters. Top risks can be viewed through Artificial Intelligence driven Einstein analytics, heat maps, reports, dashboards and geo-spatial representation of risk location.

Businesses and Organizations can leverage Secure Chatter application to increase Secure collaboration among employees in offices and departments across the company. It is an effective means of distributing and broadcasting information to a global workforce without having to worry about Information Security.

Key Benefits

  • Integrated Risk Management on a single, customizable Governance as a Service® platform
  • Gain trust of regulators, Board, C-Suite, partners and customers, by establishing a strong risk data governance and issue reporting framework
  • Have forward-looking risk visibility by leveraging predictive risk intelligence that help organizations anticipate and prevent high-impact risk incidents
  • Enables you to Customize the components provided in the Framework to specific requirement including Fields, Tabs, Reports, Dashboards, Workflows and Approvals
  • Identify, Monitor and Track Risks in Real-time across all spectrums of Operations
  • End-to-end Process Framework for efficient Risk Management
  • Easily find the Impact and Probability of your Risk
  • Robust Collaboration functionalities to track and monitor your Risk Management process Anytime, Anywhere and on Any Device
  • Enables taking suitable Risk based Business decisions
  • Access to Real-time data on Risks
  • Ability to provide regular Risk Assessments for Operational and Organizational insights
  • Facility for Risk Severity Analysis