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ConfidentG Agile Risk Management

Agile Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management is taken to new levels with Agile Risk module encompassing Enterprise-wide Risk Management enabling 360 degree visibility and continuous monitoring. Complemented with Geo-spatial mapping using Google Earth and Risk Severity Analysis, this application aids in viewing Risks across multiple dimensions and various Frameworks. It also delivers better understanding of Risk Velocity utilizing which you can prioritize and Mitigate Risks and thereby executes Successful Risk Program.

Why ConfidentG Agile Risk Management ?

ConfidentG Agile Risk module covers the entire Enterprise Risk universe. It enables Correlation and Visibility to quantify key Risk Indicators such as Risk Barometer, Probability view of Risk, Impact View and Velocity of Risk. These key Risk indicators help your Organization to effectively Govern against threats such as Cyber Security & Global Risk Portfolio across many Regulatory and Compliance domains.


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