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ConfidentG Agile Survey Management Application

Agile Survey Management Application


Enterprises and Businesses globally implement surveys and self-assessments for tracking internal or external compliance with policies, information security and data privacy awareness, codes of conduct, anti-bribery and many other governance requirements. Survey execution can become a complicated process due to tedious, time-consuming and resource intensive tasks involved with different stages such as survey planning and design, summary and analysis of findings and data reporting.

Why ConfidentG Platform?

Agile SurveysConfidentG Survey Management application is a centralized, cloud based automated process to manage surveys efficiently for compliance, risk assessments, HR policy awareness, legal attestations, etc. The feature of Einstein Analytics present in the award winning Governance as a Service® Platform aggregates survey data and enables evaluation of survey findings at enterprise level. Integration of Surveys into the Risk and Governance system gives useful insights on success or failure of every Control and its dependent Processes. Confident Governance presents Powerful and fully customizable ConfidentG Agile Survey module which enables conducting Surveys and is exclusively used for Business process Performance, Compliance and Efficiency Assessment as a part of an irreplaceable component for Good Governance.

The agile methodology streamlines Compliance processes with standardized workflows and support for self-assessments, surveys and issue remediation.

Complemented with Artificial Intelligence powered Analytics for Compliance Reporting, it provides real-time insights into Compliance processes through intuitive, customizable and interactive dashboards and charts, thereby enabling informed decision-making.

Key Benefits

  • User friendly and intuitive interface designed for GRC professionals
  • Ability to track and manage surveys in real time anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • Customizable to meet specific survey management requirements
  • Built in Library for designing questionnaires. Create or upload survey questionnaires and scorecards
  • Facility to distribute the survey to respondents directly from the application
  • Record, manage, and remediate issues identified in survey management