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Why CG for GRC

Confident Governance® GRC Product Suite is developed with a simple goal in mind: to help Companies across all Industry verticals achieve and maintain highest Ethical Governance, Compliance and Risk Management standards across all spectrums of operations. Built on the number 1 Cloud Computing platform Salesforce.com and leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, the Governance as a Service® product suite can scale to support largest Organizations, and at the same time is cost effective for Smallest enterprises and individuals needing to manage Risks, going above and beyond all the madness and complexities of solutions that cost millions just to implement.
Global organizations of all sizes; Public, Private or Not-for profit can use Confident Governance® solutions for many uses including but not limited to:

Confident Governance® has been awarded by Independent Research Firms worldwide for it’s innovative GRC product suite which leverages Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics to provide robust functionalities like Dynamic Reporting/Dashboarding, Real time Collaboration with full version control and file sharing capabilities, Centralization of Data and integrated Risk mapping. Confident Governance platform’s four key factors are Discover Governance data, Predict insight, Recommend Remediation and Automate Governance lifecycle and doing this with Agility has been a game changer in GRC space.


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