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Governing Health IT Compliance : Agile Strategies For Global Healthcare Organizations

Confident Governance Chairman and GRC Visionary Bhavesh Bhagat alongwith Health IT Compliance Expert Julie Hoyte to present a Webinar in association with HCCA on how Healthcare Organizations can develop and execute an Agile Governance program for their Compliance data.

Serial Entrepreneur Bhavesh Bhagat and CEO of Health IT Solutions Julie Hoyte co-present an informative Webinar in association with HCCA. The two Industry Experts will talk about innovative solutions that can be adopted to address a wide range of Compliance challenges faced by Healthcare Organizations worldwide and discuss Strategic steps to minimize the impending Regulatory Compliance Risks that emerge with the changing Business landscape.

The Session is titled “Leveraging Agility in Governing Health IT Compliance” and is scheduled on January 26th 2016 at 1 pm EST. “Being Compliant with the Industry and Federal rules can be challenging for many Organizations. However strategic governance can secure your Healthcare data to comply with HIPAA and other Compliance standards. It’s a great topic to discuss with Compliance Professionals globally at the starting of 2016 and our core objective is to guide them for navigating the year with Efficiency and Agility”, said the Software Innovator Bhavesh Bhagat, who recently was recognized as a Successful Entrepreneur by the esteemed Kauffman Foundation.

Emerging trends in the healthcare industry can present Healthcare Organizations with Opportunities and Risks. Boards may need to compare their own data with that of peers while assessing their Risk and Compliance. Additionally, Boards may be asked significant Compliance-oriented questions by various Stakeholders , Patients, Employees and Government Officials. While Bhavesh will take the audience through Health IT Compliance Governance Best Practices, Julie Hoyte will narrate her point of view of the current state of Compliance structure in Healthcare Organizations, the Challenges and Opportunities and what Compliance Managers are looking forward to in 2016.

Joining instructions for this webinar are available on the event website

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About ConfidentGovernance

GEW 50 Award Winning Company Confident Governance® is the first “native” purpose built Enterprise Cloud Governance Company delivering patent pending innovative Cloud Security, Governance and Risk management and Compliance product portfolio on the world’s largest Cloud Computing platform It’s industry leading products make Governance and Risk Management powerful and affordable for Organizations of all sizes enabling them to not only focus on Governance from within but also from universal external shifts in Risks, using Social Media and Geo-spatial location based information. Using ConfidentG applications you can infuse Transparency and Trust amongst your Executives and Stakeholders without Technical complexity and without having to worry about buying hardware and software. Every aspect of Confident Governance products is designed to make it easier for Businesses to implement an effective Governance, Risk and Security Compliance System to provide clear Transparency with easiest non-technical operation enabling “Confidence” in Governance.

Confident Governance presents at IIA GRC 2015,where Governance & Risk Management align for Impact

August 13, 2015 (Newswire) - Following a successful Keynote at ISACA NCAC Summit 2015 and a series of Webinars on Risk Management and Compliance, Confident Governance Chairman Bhavesh Bhagat, is now all set to present at the IIA GRC Conference 2015 in Phoenix, AZ.

Forging ahead on a mission to “Democratize Governance Worldwide”, Serial Entrepreneur and Professional Speaker Bhavesh Bhagat, is geared up to deliver an informative Session for the Millennials in Audit Profession at the IIA GRC Conference 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona.

IIA GRC 2015 is the third consecutive Annual Conference co-sponsored by ISACA and The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and is essentially targeted at the IT Professionals seeking to Enhance and Upgrade their Skills and Strategies for addressing Emerging Challenges.
Bhavesh along with a Panel of Millennials and their VP of Audit, would be discussing “Millennials, Technology and Audit Effectiveness” on 18th August at 12:45 pm MST. He would be addressing around 600 Internal Auditors , IT Auditors and GRC Professionals from more than 40 Countries. This Session is designed to impart practical insights on the Emerging Technologies and how they leverage the modern Internal Audit.
A recognized GRC Expert, Bhavesh has been an integral part of the IIA International Conferences since 2012 during when he had talked on “CAEs New Testament – Auditing Competing SLA’s and Evaluating ROI in Cloud” and “Auditing the Cloud: Implementing the Next Generation Best Practices from Cloud Security Alliance – Practical Overview”.
“Audit Processes are getting modernized and mature. It is fascinating to know how the younger breed of Auditors blend Emerging Technologies with Audit Processes and make an Audit cycle Agile. I am looking forward to this interactive and perceptive discussion at the IIA GRC 2015”, said Bhavesh.
About Confident Governance 

Confident Governance® is the first “native” purpose built Enterprise Cloud Governance Company. It’s Industry leading Products offer Robust and Inexpensive Governance and Risk Management Solutions to Organizations of all sizes. This enables Organizations to focus on Governance from within as well as from Universal external shifts in risks using Social Media and Geo-spatial location based Information. Leveraging our Applications on Governance as a Service™ platform you can instil Transparency and Trust amongst Executives and Stakeholders without technical complexity and without having to worry about buying Hardware and Software.

About IIA

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) was established in 1941 as an International Professional Association with global Headquarters in Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA. The IIA is the Internal Audit profession's Global Voice and Recognized Authority,Generally, members work in Internal Auditing, Risk Management, Governance, Internal Control, Information Technology Audit, Education and security. Globally, The IIA has more than 180,000 members.

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Risk Management Expert Bhavesh Bhagat shares his insights in the ISACA Report on 10 Important DevOps Controls

Rolling Meadows, IL, USA (12 August 2015)—DevOps—the integration of development and operations teams to eliminate conflicts and barriers—often leads to more features in business applications, developed in a faster time and with greater efficiencies. But the very features that make DevOps attractive to organizations can cause concern for assurance, security and governance practitioners. A new guide from global IT association ISACA outlines 10 key controls companies need to consider as they embrace DevOps to achieve reduced costs and increased agility

According to DevOps Practitioner Considerations, those controls are: 

  1. Automated software scanning
  2. Automated vulnerability scanning
  3. Web application firewall
  4. Developer application security training 5.Software dependency management
  6. Access and activity logging
  7. Documented policies and procedures
  8. Application performance management
  9. Asset management and inventorying
10. Continuous auditing and/or monitoring

“DevOps can introduce new risk but, done right, it also mitigates other risk. Looking at risk holistically means understanding both sides of that equation and making the right choice for a particular company based on its climate, risk tolerance, culture, project scope and other factors,” said Bhavesh Bhagat, CISM, CGEIT, CEO of EnCrisp.

Because DevOps adoption changes the environment and often impacts a company’s carefully crafted control environment and accepted level of risk, governance, security and assurance professionals need to play a key role:

  • The governance decisions relating to risk, including decisions made in the past, may require rethinking, and performance metrics on which business decisions are based may need to be adjusted.
  • Many security controls that are intertwined with the development process may be compromised.
  • Assurance practitioners will have to address a particularly significant area of impact: separation of duties.

Dev Ops Practitioner Considerations is available as a free download at

ISACA® ( helps global professionals lead, adapt and assure trust in an evolving digital world by offering innovative and world-class knowledge, standards, networking, credentialing and career development. Established in 1969, ISACA is a global nonprofit association of 140,000 professionals in 180 countries. ISACA also offers the Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX), a holistic cybersecurity resource, and COBIT®, a business framework to govern enterprise technology.

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GRC Leader Bhavesh Bhagat and Industry Experts co-host an exciting Webinar in association with IMA


Confident Governance Chairman Bhavesh Bhagat and Industry Experts present an astounding Webinar on July 29th,2015, as a part of IMA Inside Talk Webinar Series

Online PR News – 28-July-2015, Reston, VA – Emerging Trends and Technologies are hugely influencing Business Strategy. Industry Experts have designed specific Processes to measure the impact of Top Trends on Business Strategy. Webinar “Top Digital Trends That Impact Organization Strategy” focuses on the detailed explanation of this phenomenal procedures which quantify the impact of Technology on Organizational Strategy. Bhavesh Bhagat shares the centre stage with other Industry Experts to present this informative online event on July 29th,2015 . This Webinar is a part of IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) Inside Talk Webinar Series, which happens to be a popular Webinar Series navigating through vital Subjects such as Governance, Risk Management, Emerging Technologies, Cyber-Security, Compliance, etc… “Sharing a platform with Industry Experts and delivering an informative Session to the Global Entrepreneurs is what I am looking forward to. Emerging Technologies and Trends have always been my personal favourite subjects being a Board member of Global Emerging Business and Technology Group of ISACA. We look forward to extend our expertise to the Global Entrepreneurs to help them leverage Top Trends for designing an Effective Organizational Strategy”, said Confident Governance Chairman, Bhavesh Bhagat, who has recently been Recognized by the esteemed Kauffman Foundation as a Breakthrough Entrepreneur
About Confident Governance® - 

Confident Governance is a Global Leader in Cloud Governance and GRC Solutions. It’s only mission is to “Democratize Governance Worldwide” which manifests itself in Confident Governance platform’s innovative ConfidentG Products from Secure Monitoring Governance for Chatter, Monitoring, Compliance, Archiving, E-Discovery to Sustainable Cloud Governance Risk Compliance Audits. Confident Governance strives with the FORCE team to deliver products and services that enable connecting with Customers in a Secure and Robust set up. It is headquartered in Reston,VA, USA and has offices in Asia.

About IMA

IMA is a worldwide Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Businesses. The Association is dedicated to helping around 70,000 plus members to expand their Professional Skills and Manage their Organization Efficiently.

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Bhavesh Bhagat, Chairman, Confident Governance to Talk About "Millennials in Compliance" at a Webinar

Confident Governance Chairman Bhavesh Bhagat and SCCE (Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics) to co-host an online event "Millennials in Compliance - Technology and Social Demographics driving Agile Compliance" for the dynamic Millennials of this century, whose central theme is delivering Any Time, Any Device, Any Where Compliance.

Reston,VA, July 16, 2015 (Newswire) - Serial Entrepreneur and GRC Expert Bhavesh Bhagat, in association with SCCE, is all set to deliver a staggering Webinar based on the central theme of Millennials in Compliance Profession.

The upcoming Webinar titled “Millennials in Compliance – Technology and Social Demographics driving Agile Compliance” is scheduled to go Live on July 23rd , 2015 at 1 pm EST. The core theme of this Webinar is how Millennials in Compliance are driven by the Emerging Trends and Technologies. Techniques like Creating dynamic Dashboards/Reports, Social Media type Collaboration and Agile Scalability, which take Organizational Compliance to another level, shall be discussed here. “Social Demographics and Technology evolve at a dramatic pace and hence the dynamics of the younger generation of Professionals entering the Compliance Profession are also advanced. It then becomes inevitable for the Millennials to comprehend how these Technology Innovations can be leveraged to make their Compliance program more Agile”, said Bhavesh.

About Confident Governance® - 

Confident Governance is the World’s first Company specializing in Cloud Governance. It’s only mission is to “Democratize Governance Worldwide” which manifests itself in Confident Governance platform’s innovative ConfidentG Products from Secure Monitoring Governance for Chatter, Monitoring, Compliance, Archiving, E-Discovery to Sustainable Cloud Governance Risk Compliance Audits. Confident Governance strives with the FORCE team to deliver products and services that enable connecting with Customers in a Secure and Robust set up. It’s Chairman and Co-founder Bhavesh Bhagat, is a Serial Entrepreneur and is recognized as aGRC Expert worldwide. He blends his experiences of a Technology Executive, Serial Entrepreneur, Software Innovator, Musician and a Martial Artist, to give useful insights on Innovation, Risk Management , Governance and Compliance. Being a Board member atISACA, he has Keynoted on numerous ISACA Conferences worldwide. He also has been a regular Keynote speaker at IIA Conferences.

About SCCE

The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) is a member-based association for Compliance professionals. Established in 2004 , SCCE is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and provides training, certification, networking and other resources to Compliance officers and staff from a wide range of Corporations.

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